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The Ultimate Guide To Passive Income In Thailand - Passive Income Ideas

Get Money Back for Shopping You Already Do2. Put Your Car to Work for You3. Open a high-yield savings account4. Rent a room in your house5. Invest in crowdfunded actual estate6. Buy your initial investment property7. Invest in dividend paying stocks8. Peer-to-Peer Lending9. Start investing with a robo-advisor10. Affiliate marketing11.

Begin a YouTube Channel13. Create and sell an online course14. Build an e-commerce site15. Sell Your Photos OnlineHow to Pick the Best Passive Income Stream for YouWhat is Passive IncomeAt its most basic definition, passive income, also known as residual income, is money you earn while youre not working. You might be sleeping, on the beach drinking margaritas, or just relaxing.

All these involve making some sort of investment or cash outlay in order to generate a return.Im not saying to stop your job (not yet), but if youre looking for creative ways to start generating riches, here are my top 15 passive income ideas.15 Passive Income Suggestions Worth ResearchingThis list includes everything from simple, everyday activities to building out entire businesses.



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However, there are a couple of ways you can begin earning right away almost no effort required!Related: 16 Fun Hobbies Which Can Make You Money1. Get Cash Back for Shopping You DoIf you already do a portion of your shopping online, you might be missing out on some simple passive income by not taking advantage of cash rewards.Cash Back Credit CardsCash back credit cards offer a percentage typically 1-5percent on purchases you make.

By way of example, a card can offer 2% cash back on gas and groceries and 1% on the other purchases.Many cash back credit cards also offer sign-up bonuses. For these programs, youll generally need to spend a predetermined amount within the first 60 to 90 days of opening your account in order to qualify for the bonus.But bear in mind, these offers are only beneficial if you repay your credit card balance each month.



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Put Your Car to Work for check these guys out YouThink of how often your car stays around not being used while youre traveling, on vacation, or even during your normal workday.You have two options: 1) Let your automobile sit around and depreciate, or 2) Use it to make some passive income.Rent Your Automobile with GetaroundWith Getaround, by way of instance, you can potentially make thousands of dollars per year by renting your car to others while youre not using it.

By renting your car with Getaround, you can make some (if not all) of the money back.As a Getaround car owner, you become dedicated parking in the best places in town, a $50 monthly driving charge to rent whatever you like, and $1 million in main insurance coverage.To take advantage of this passive income opportunity, youll need to make a free Getaround account.

According to their site, drivers can make $400+ per month.In order to get started, youll need to download the program and track your driving. Once you satisfy the minimum qualifications, youll be notified when a campaign is available in your area.Take your vehicle in to be wrapped, then begin earning passive income together with the driving you already do.3.

In fact, consider yourself lucky if you earn anything in any way! Luckily, online banks have burst onto the scene with some really enticing interest prices. Greater interest money you make off your savings.Here are two online savings accounts thatll generate residual income:CIT Bank  I recently ditched my Bank of America account, which was really charging me to maintain my money, and gave CIT Bank a try.Now, I get a 1.55% return.



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Granted, Im not going to get rich off this investment, but its still free money. And since there are no monthly fees, I consider CIT Bank a double win.Or, an alternative option:Discover  Like CIT Bank, Discover offers competitive rates on their savings accounts. The majority of the online savings accounts these days are neck and neck in terms of interest rates and charges, so you cant actually go that wrong using any one of these.

In fact, the vast majority of millionaires over the previous two centuries have achieved their standing, at least in part, from investing in real estate.Related: 7 Finest Short-Term Investments for Growing Your MoneyHere are a few different methods that you can capitalize on investment opportunities in real estate:5. Invest in crowdfunded real estateFundrise  when you have an extra $500 laying around, you can now invest in property via a Starter Portfolio out of Fundrise.

In Fundrises most recent performance report, their portfolio generated returns of 12.25%.With Fundrise, you get to decide on an investment plan based on your financial goals. They have plans that produce residual income, diversification or long-term expansion. Heres our full Fundrise Review.Another crowdfunding property system to consider:RealtyShares This is comparable to Fundrise, but the minimum investment is $5,000 so youve got to bring an additional zero to get started.

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